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Talisen International Receives Energy Conservation Award

Recognized for promoting energy solutions in UAE

15 March 2017

Talisen International was recently recognized as a leader in energy conservation, receiving the “Energy Conservation Award” for its outstanding contribution in promoting energy conservation products and solutions in UAE. Talisen International is the UAE subsidiary of Talisen Technologies, an energy management solution provider for owners of large building portfolios in the US.

This recognition was presented by His Excellency Dr. Rashid Alleem, Chairman, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), at the 2nd annual Water and Energy Congress Week. The event addresses global goals on sustainable management of water and energy to help ensure affordable and reliable modern energy for the future.

In cooperation with the Alleem Knowledge Centre, the Alleem Business Council identifies and promotes individuals and businesses who demonstrate excellence in energy and sustainability management. Other winners at this event were CISCO for “Technology Leader of the Year” and DELLEMC for “2017 Brand Ambassador.” The awards are designed to highlight what is possible in a specific market and drive other companies in those markets to excel as well.

SEWA has a vision for reducing utility consumption by 30% by 2020. This comes at a time when a number of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are cutting energy subsidies to counter the effects of falling oil prices. The Gulf news reported last year that rates for apartment buildings could grow gradually from 0.7 cents per kilowatt hour to 5 cents per kilowatt hour, a nearly 10 fold increase. These increases in tariff rates across the region are making large-scale energy management a vital option for substantial cost reductions.

“We clearly see this as a unique opportunity to leverage our 10 years of energy management experience in the US and apply it to the growing (GCC) market. This is why we chose to establish a subsidiary in Dubai last year,” said George Brill, CEO of parent company, Talisen Technologies.

Talisen developed its Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) energy management and analytics suite to drive savings in energy, operations and maintenance. ESP is built on Talisen’s proven software technology which has supported clients with mission critical IT infrastructure for 26 years. ESP’s ability to converge data from disparate repositories into a single master data warehouse provides powerful insight into management of enterprise infrastructure. ESP allows users to collect, analyze and access data from equipment, meters, monitoring devices and existing control applications. Clients have deployed Talisen’s ESP solution across governmental, aerospace and healthcare markets. In addition, ESP serves as a measurement and verification tool to benchmark energy usage for large portfolios and to maintain compliance with government or corporate energy reduction directives.

Talisen Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Talisen is a recognized global leader of enterprise solutions for organizations with sophisticated networks, applications and security requirements.To learn more about Talisen International, please visit our website at or contact us at