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Talisen Technologies, Inc. Launches International Company at Dubai IoT Expo

Top execs from US and Dubai based companies attended show

06 April 2016

US based Talisen Technologies Inc. debuted its newest venture, Talisen International LLC, at the Dubai “Iotx” (Internet of Things) expo last week. Leveraging a number of recent US energy management successes, the company is now expanding into the Middle East to license their Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) into the region.

Talisen created an energy management and analytics suite designed to drive savings in energy, operations and maintenance. ESP is built on its legacy technology to support clients with mission critical, enterprise IT infrastructure that are seeking ways to reduce energy costs. With this platform, you can access, collect, normalize and analyze data from a variety of equipment, software and applications. The ability to converge data from various repositories into a single master data warehouse provides a new level of insight and transparency into the operations and process across the enterprise. Talisen’s enterprise management solutions are deployed across governmental, aerospace and healthcare markets and ESP is used as the benchmark for energy management for large portfolios.

The Managing Director for Talisen International LLC is Mr. Mohan Menon, who will be leading the entity to leverage ESP’s technology to gain efficiencies in energy, operations and maintenance.

Mr. Menon stated from Dubai last week, “Talisen’s ESP will enable large-scale customers to keep their operating costs in balance by providing an efficient solution that saves energy and avoids costs.”

As part of this expansion, the CEO of Talisen Technologies, Inc., Mr. George Brill, attended last week’s “IoTx”, which is billed as the largest technology show of the year in Dubai. Talisen International exhibited at the conference which drew over 50,000 visitors. Some of the world’s largest technology leaders attended the conference offering an opportunity for Talisen International to promote a proven energy sustainability platform that can enable business growth with an enterprise cost savings solution in energy, operations and maintenance.

Talisen Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Talisen is a recognized global leader of enterprise solutions for organizations with sophisticated networks, applications and security requirements. To learn more about Talisen International, please visit our website at or contact us at