Talisen Success Stories

Facilities & Energy Management:

Ensuring Enterprise-Wide Compliance and Commercial Compliance to Executive Orders

State of Missouri

Talisen’s ESP allows the State of Missouri to access, collect, normalize and analyze data from a variety of facilities equipment makers and applications – revolving around the Internet of Things. The ability to converge data from various repositories into a single master data warehouse provides a new level of insight and transparency into the operations and processes across the Office of Administration’s portfolio.

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City of Kansas City, MO

The City of Kansas City partnered with Talisen Technologies, Inc. to implement an enterprise-wide technology solution that allows the city to operate its facilities using a Total Cost of Ownership model, focusing on energy efficiency and operational savings.

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New York Power Authority

NYPA chose Talisen’s Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) as the underlying technology for New York Energy Manager (NYEM). The State’s first Energy Manager Network Operations Center – comprehensive network and decision tool that utilizes Big Data analytics to monitor and troubleshoot buildings to reduce energy waste.

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SSM Health

Talisen partnered with a local Energy Services company to deploy the ESP solution for the SSM Health facilities in the St. Louis area. Talisen implemented the Utility Bill Management module for SSM Health’s seven local locations providing multiple layers of historical utility bill data for detailed utility usage analysis as well as determining energy usage baselines from the utility bill accounts.

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Aerospace & Defense:

Delivering Complex, Mission Critical IT Solutions


Talisen has been a certified supplier to aerospace customers for the past 22 years, with a proven track record of delivering solutions across all Boeing, United Launch Alliance and AeroJet Rocketdyne divisions. Talisen’s full feature procurement management system (EPIC) has improved Boeing’s Procurement Agent productivity, reduced cost for paper and storage as well as increased quality in procurement processes.

By utilizing EPIC, Boeing has eliminated over 10,000 boxes of paper documents going to long term storage on an annual basis. They also avoided over $1,000,000 in annual paper storage cost increases, eliminated the cost for recalling stored documents and costs related to lost documents, as well as reduced SM headcount saving annual labor cost of over $2,700,000.

Our Aerospace customers have expanded their system customer base to over 60,000 internal users and over 2,500 supplier sites.

U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force B-1 Supplier Management program was using proprietary software that was near end of life and needed to support multiple prime contractors for contract and technical data management exchange.

Talisen deployed CSDT to fulfill these needs as well as provided improved functionality for handling multiple prime contracts. Replacing the legacy system with CSDT reduced software support costs from $1M to $250K per year.

In addition to the savings, CSDT also provide reduced cycle time for engineering reviews and common processes for CDRL-SDRL management and compliance with the B-1 prime contractors.