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In today’s economy, the relationships that are forged with your customers and suppliers are increasingly important to success in a globally competitive and highly technical marketplace. Collaboration is the key to realizing that opportunity. Talisen has extensive experience in developing software solutions that support internal business processes and provide extensible and integrated external access and interoperability and has over 27 years of delivering mission-critical supply based information systems.

Talisen’s advanced systems help enterprises realize the benefits of an Aerospace & Defense integrated supply chain, improve on the way companies operate and enhance the way information and services are delivered to business users. The Talisen Aerospace & Defense framework supports multi-cloud configurations, secure application access and Software-as-a-Service, providing advanced capabilities and flexibility of architecture while meeting stringent security and compliance needs. The solution provides a personalized and customized user experience with a modern and intelligent user interface that facilitates greater ease of search and navigation across data and services.

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Companies need a dynamic, engaged
and highly skilled aerospace and defense supply chain.

Talisen’s Customer Experiences

Here’s what some customers have said about Talisen’s integrated Aerospace & Defense systems and secure enterprise collaboration.

“CSDT is the gold standard for CDRL and SDRL management systems”
– Seattle based Supplier to Boeing Commercial Airplane.
Aerospace Company