Customer Supplier Data Transmittal (CSDT)

Streamlining the Exchange of Information

Customer and Supplier Data Transmittal (CSDT) is an off-the-shelf, web-based software that streamlines the process of exchanging information between government organizations, contractors and their suppliers. The CSDT system enables the secure exchange and management of data requirements and responding documents between authorized suppliers, contractors and customers.

CSDT provides a standardized solution that can be used across multiple programs and is designed to segregate data between program government users and supplier companies.

  • Visibility of Schedule Performance, Document Status, Process Helth, CDRL-SDRL Integration
  • Document Disposition, Document Mark-Up, Aggregation of Comments
  • Automated Workflow, Notifications and Alerts, Audit Log Tracking
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Supplier Requirements eXchange (SRX)

Supporting the Digital Transformation of Model-Based Engineering

Supplier Requirements eXchange (SRX) enables innovative, affordable, and value-driven Aerospace product designs through collaborative supplier design requirements.

  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Interoperability Support
  • Single-Source Data and Baseline Metrics for Requirement Cost and Quality Improvements
  • Visibility of Requirements Performance Relative to Product Milestone Completion
  • Digital Requirements Reuse
  • Collaboration to Validate and Verify Requirements
  • Mitigates Cost Overruns Due to Requirement Quality and Defects
  • Engineering Requirements Development Cycle Time Reduction
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Simplified Technical English Checker (STEC)

Industry Leading STE Technical Authoring & Checking

Simplified Technical English Checker (STEC) is a powerful tool that supports compliance, consistency, readability, and quality of technical documentation. The easy to use interface and advanced features improve efficiency and result in overall volume reduction, a shorter time-to-market, and significant cost savings.

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Electronic Procurement Information Center (EPIC)

Supply Chain Contract Life-Cycle Management

Electronic Procurement Information Center (EPIC) is a supply chain contract life-cycle management, case file management, and procurement process application. EPIC incorporates a controlled, centralized repository for procurement documents, fulfillment records, supplier information, supporting documentation, compliance reporting, and improves compliance in the subcontracting process while increasing procurement efficiency.

  • Remote Access to View, Upload, Print, and Fax Procurement Documentation Regardless of Your Physical Location
  • Proven to Reduce Cost and Operating Expenses to Provide a Competitive Advantage for Your Company
  • Pro-actively Share Information Across the Enterprise for Procurement Agents and Buying Professionals to Evaluate and Review Internal and Supplier Engagements
  • Recognized by the US Government (DCAA) as an Industry Best Practice for Managing Subcontracting Documentation
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Categorize, Identify and Programmatically Extract Hidden Entities and Resolve (CIPHER)

Advanced Detection and Resolution

Categorize, Identify and Programmatically extract Hidden Entities and Resolve (CIPHER) provides advanced protection against unauthorized users that attempt to conceal information, digitized text or images in another message, image or file. CIPHER can help analyze the document or file to detect the embedded information.

The application strengthens measures companies, their partners and suppliers are taking to ensure the safeguarding of sensitive information. CIPHER is a patented technology providing users with tools to ensure information isn’t hiding within created documentation.

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Secure Enterprise Gateway

Securely Access Local Resources via Web Browser

The Secure Enterprise Gateway (SEG) is a readily accessible, centralized web interface for access to business applications residing on the corporate intranet. The Gateway provides a lightweight, yet a highly scalable solution for both large and small businesses. Partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers can securely access authorized resources such as network file servers, remote desktops, email, web applications, through any standard Web browser. The portal interface can be customized easily to provide role-based access to applications for security purposes and yet, accommodate a great deal of customization for the individual user.

  • Customizable Look and Feel: Customizable User Interface to the End-User. Portal Widgets can be Configured to Present Information Based on User Preferences
  • Centralized Information Display: Centralized and Secure Access to Mission-Critical Business Applications.
  • Anytime Access: Anytime/Anywhere Access to Information and Applications Through the Use of a Standard Web Browser (or Mobile Web Browser)
  • Authentication, Authorization & Access Control: Consolidated Access to Real-Time Information and all Facility Mission-Critical Applications in the Organization’s Portfolio
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