Secure Supply Chain Systems: Services

What are your supply chain potential benefits?
Here are examples of savings customers have experienced using Talisen’s Supply Chain Systems.

The Boeing Company

  • Avoided over $1,000,000 in annual paper storage cost increases
  • Savings of over $2,700,000 in annual labor costs
  • Eliminated over 10,000 boxes of paper documents going to long term storage on annual basis
  • File management process improved efficiencies and productivity by avoiding 36,000 hours annually in non-value activities (18+ heads / $3,000,000)

US Air Force

  • Reduced software costs by 75% ($1,000,000 to $250,000) by replacing their legacy system with CSDT
  • Reduced cycle time for engineering reviews and common processes for CDRL-SDRL management and compliance with B-1 prime contractors
  • Improved visibility of schedule performance, 1423 document Status and overall process health for B-1
  • Reduced cycle time of the data management CDRL review cycle through customized workflows

United Launch Alliance (ULA)

  • Reduced overall cost of managing SDRL requirements
  • Decreased SDRL engineering review cycle with real-time system and submittal document markups
  • Improved quality and audit tracking through use of the notification management