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The Growth of Talisen’s Energy Management Technology

Talisen began offering energy and facility data management solutions in 2007. Talisen initially developed its Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) to help owners of large real estate portfolios manage and analyze energy usage and cost data at an enterprise level. Nearly ten years later, the ESP product continues to evolve, with a heavy focus on data analytics, and remains a proven asset to improve energy efficiency.

Talisen is utilizing its experience in software development, business process management and enterprise IT management to create entirely new solutions in a cohesive environment around facilities information and energy management.

With ESP’s data analytic capabilities, utility bill management tools, and fault detection and diagnosis engine, the ESP provides users the ability to: monitor utility usage and cost information, establish baseline facility performance, provide automated data analysis, and perform measurement and verification (M&V) for tracking energy conservation measures.

Delivering Secure Enterprise Solutions for Facilities Management and Energy Management

Talisen’s Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) is built on its legacy technology to support clients with mission critical, enterprise IT infrastructure that are seeking ways to be energy wise. Talisen is utilizing its experience in software development, business process management and enterprise IT management to create entirely new solutions in a cohesive environment around facilities information and energy management.

Monitor and Control

Today’s property owners need the ability to monitor and control operating expenses and utility energy expenses. Talisen has developed an industry-leading solution – Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) – integrating disparate facility systems and processes into a single, secure platform.

ESP converts data from real estate (building control systems and meters), utilities, IT, and operational management systems (work order, capital planning, asset management, etc.) into visual knowledge with role-based Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that drive sustainable decisions.

This visual knowledge becomes real-time “business intelligence” data.

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Talisen’s ESP Building Blocks

Talisen’s ESP is listed on EnergyStar’s top 50 Most Active Service and Product Providers.

Talisen is ranked #36 with 501 benchmarked properties across a total of 90,000,000+ square feet.

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Talisen’s Customer Experiences

Let’s see what some customers have to say about their experience after implementing Talisen’s ESP system.

Talisen’s ESP is the system of record for reporting progress toward Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 88, mandating all in State-owned and managed buildings reduce the average EUI by at least 20% by the year 2020.

With state public facilities getting real-time data on their energy use, they can improve building energy performance and lower the State’s utility bills. Basically, it will be like performing an MRI on a facility and getting an incredibly detailed report about how it consumes energy. By knowing more, we can do more. We will utilize analytics and engineering expertise provided by this new energy management operations network, enabling NYPA to continuously improve energy management and operations of state facilities, drive down government operating expenses and save taxpayers money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs in the emerging green economy.
– Breaking Energy 2014-10-21

Gil Quiniones, President, Chief Executive Officer New York Power Authority
For the State of New York, it’s about demonstrating types of solutions that can be brought to scale across a large portfolio and the state is leading by example.
Lloyd Kass, New York Power Authority Preceding Director of Build Smart NY
Just like families and businesses across Missouri, we’re finding innovative ways to stretch dollars, and reducing our energy consumption is a natural place to start. I appreciate the hard work of all the departments that contributed to this effort, and I especially applaud our energy-efficiency team within the Office of Administration.

Read the full story: https://governor.mo.gov/news/archive/gov-nixon-announces-56-percent-reduction-state-energy-bill-over-past-year

Jay Nixon, Missouri Governor

The City of Kansas City looks forward to leveraging the ESP platform to become a national leader in sustainability and as an example for other forward-looking communities.

ESP has been a key component to helping out city achieve its vision. Energy consumption has been reduced and operational costs have decreased.

Robert Rives, Former Facility Manager, City of Kansas City, MO